Sunday, 17 April 2016


This is what I like to call a 'what ever is left over in the fridge' blogpost. You know when you're really hungry but too lazy to go to the shop so you just mix up all your leftovers to try and create something that will suffice for the night? Well this post is kinda like that.  Despite the mish-mash of photo's, I wanted to do a little catch up post and give you an insight into how I feel towards blogging at the moment.

For those of you who are familiar with my blog, you'll be fully aware that I have no consistency when I post. I'll go through phases when I really want to push for some good content and then other times where I'm completely uninspired and hate the thought of jamming up my blog with things I know I, myself would never read so why would anyone else want to. I also feel like I've sort of lost my way a little bit when it comes to writing good content. I think this is mainly due to the amount of blogs there are to offer these days. I constantly find myself comparing myself to others, thinking that they can do a better job so I'll just 'leave it to the pros'. This is a ridiculous thought that I need to shake as it means I'm blogging for the wrong reasons, making it become a competition against other bloggers when really this space was built for my voice to be heard, not other peoples.

I think this disconnection began when I had to start reading blogs 24/7 as part of my job. As part of my year in industry I'm working for an Influencer Marketing Agency in Amsterdam as a Junior Influencer Manager and whilst I'm finding there is a lot of awesome and original content being generated by bloggers, there is also some really bad stuff too. When I say bad stuff I mean generic topics and content that have become oversaturated and Instagram feeds that have become soul-suckingly minimal to the point of no personality. I can see the appeal of starting a blog as most people are now fully aware from consistent media attention that you can make a lot of money in exchange for brand coverage. Whilst on the up side this is encouraging for us young people being thrown into the big-bad world of adulthood as we can finally be our own boss and not near the age of retirement to do so, there is also a downside. Loads of great bloggers that started writing about topics of interest in hope to inspire others have now started to write posts just to 'fill in the gaps'. Or (an even more extreme situation) bloggers are becoming so heavily endorsed that you rarely reading a personal opinion, rather the opinion of a brand that they are trying to sell. I feel this goes for a lot of 'Instagrammer's' too. When free clothes are being thrown at you (or big sums of money), it's easy to lose your own sense of style and this begins to show in people's feeds.

As much as I like posting outfit posts on my blog with minimal writing as I know that's what many of the people who do follow my blog are mainly interested in, I want to use this space as a voice behind the nice pictures and outfits (besides, I can't really afford to post new outfit posts everyday as I'm a student living off an intern salary!). I like to take my time in what I post and reflect on whether anyone would care to read it. Despite this, I don't want to spend my whole time worrying about keeping my blog on track, I would rather it be more organic. I'm massively guilty of being a bit of a control freak and not taking the time to smell the roses. As a new years resolution to myself, I promised I would smell the god-damn roses more this year, especially as my time here in Amsterdam is short and sweet and then I'll be back in Leeds pouring my blood, sweat and tears into my final year.

On a final note, please don't think I'm disrespecting any bloggers from this post because I'm not at all. Many bloggers are bad-ass, hardworking bosses that make their job look easy when it totally isn't! To quickly sum up my final thoughts: within the last two years the blogasphere has grown at lightening speed which I think is mainly due to the media attention making it out to be a 'get rich, quick' job when it is far from. Because of this, many bloggers (especially those who earn a living off their blog) are continually having to defend their credibility. This is why I feel originality is being lost which is a shame and something I don't want to fall into, even if that means not posting as much as I would like to.

Photos of my two new fave hotspots in Amsterdam: