Saturday, 2 January 2016



I have some rather exciting news to start this blog off with a bang at the bud of the new year! Some of you may be well aware that I have twin sister, her name is Rhiannon and I have finally convinced her to make an appearance on my blog. So, instead of her being behind the camera lens, she's going to be very much at the forefront of many of my blogposts from now on. I hereby introduce to you the 'RHI X BEA SERIES'!

Having a twin is great, we are very much two peas in a pod and whilst we are leading separate lives as we are getting older we always make time to make some amazing memories together. Ever been interested in how twins differ, evolve separate lifestyles or even if 'twin telepathy' is a thing?! From moving away from each other for the first time to how we have evolved our separate styles, this series aims to cover er'thang twin. 

For now, you can follow what both Rhiannon and I are up to via Instagram here and here.