Thursday, 7 January 2016


BRYONY: TOP h&m in store (however similar here)// FLARES h&m// BOOTS topshop// SUNGLASSES rayban
RHIANNON: TROUSERS topshop// BOOTS zara// TOP primark

The reality of having a same sexed twin with a similar style is that you'll often acquire the same wardrobe. Birthdays and Christmas are a given. A tradition at Christmas is that Rhiannon and I will scope out similar shaped presents from under the tree and then open them at the same time so no surprises are ruined. It's no different since moving away from each other to separate Uni's. As soon as we are back for the holidays, we are raiding each others wardrobes like it's Black Friday at Westfield shopping centre. So, to not so much of our surprise, we seemed to have picked up the same mustard utility top from H&M. Er, super awks. We embraced it and decided to shoot a style post on how we would separately style it.

BRYONY: We both decided to put a 70's spin on our outfits. I went the full hog and threw on some super flares, which was probably unconsciously inspired by how much That 70's Show I'm watching at the moment (big respect to Comedy Central for bringing it back). I added a bandanna choker which I love to layer with necklaces when I'm wearing a v neck top. I would dress this top up for a night look by wearing a wrap midi skirt, heels and a dressing gown maxi coat!

RHIANNON: When I styled this top, I had Olivia Palermo in mind. She has a city-chic style that I admire and I like to replicate when I'm day-to-day dressing. I'm big into layering, so throwing a turtle neck under this top was a given especially during the colder months! I'm all about mixing the stylish with being comfortable so I perhaps wouldn't be as daring as Bryony by trying to cope in heeled boots during the day time! Although I'm always for adding a few inches to my height...

You can buy the top in store or shop these online alternatives: