Tuesday, 29 December 2015


The Christmas season is slowly slipping away from us *sigh* and everyone's panicking about their "New year, new me" resolutions. I can't have helped but fallen in to this mind set. I blame the awkward 'gap' between Christmas and New Year which forces you to reflect upon what you have done/ achieved in the past year. Whilst this isn't probably the best time to look back on whether you have achieved your hopes and dreams in 2015 (I'm currently looking down at my turkey stuffed pot-belly and squeezing in the last Disney classic before Christmas is 'officially' over) we all are guilty of doing it.

New year resolutions have had a lot of stick in the past however I for one, am a huge believer in these suckers. I think the approaching new year is always the greatest excuse to refresh and start with a clean slate. Looking back, 2015 has been pretty good to me and I actually feel my new years resolution was partly responsible for this. For example, I moved out of the country for a few months and made some of the best memories and friends I have ever had. This time last year was a bit of bump in the road for me (you can read my last new years post explaining here) and this slouch helped motivate me on achieving my new years resolution of working abroad during my placement year.

How does this relate to my brand-spanking new Whistles skirt you ask? Well, towards the end of each year I always try to add a new piece to my wardrobe that goes against my usual selection of 'safety net' garms. A little 'hurrah' into the new year of pushing myself to try new things. I picked up this knee length a-lined denim skirt in the Whistles sale for a bargain of £25, so it was the perfect piece to add to my 2016 wardrobe.

Big or small, new years resolutions are meant to challenge your previous years. Who cares if you don't actually end up achieving them, I bet the journey of trying to will colour your year perfectly.

Happy New Year to you all!

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