Friday, 13 February 2015


Yes. You are right. I am indeed wearing that coat AGAIN. I cannot promise that I am going to switch up my coat wearing habits anytime soon because a. Its fuckin' cold in Leeds and it makes me feel like I'm wearing my dressing gown to my lectures and b. Everytime I think about wearing another coat, it stares at me from the corner of the room like I'm being unfaithful. It's my fave and will be with me like an extra limb until the cold weather bids farewell.

I managed to peel myself away from my Broadchurch and Lost binging habits and make the most of my free Friday (its SO hard being a student) by checking out the new 'it' food place in Leeds: Get Baked. The reviews have been rather excellent so we had high expectations. I'm currently in a food related euphoric high after tasting the best burger of my life. It is greasy goodness at its best!