Friday, 13 February 2015


Yes. You are right. I am indeed wearing that coat AGAIN. I cannot promise that I am going to switch up my coat wearing habits anytime soon because a. Its fuckin' cold in Leeds and it makes me feel like I'm wearing my dressing gown to my lectures and b. Everytime I think about wearing another coat, it stares at me from the corner of the room like I'm being unfaithful. It's my fave and will be with me like an extra limb until the cold weather bids farewell.

I managed to peel myself away from my Broadchurch and Lost binging habits and make the most of my free Friday (its SO hard being a student) by checking out the new 'it' food place in Leeds: Get Baked. The reviews have been rather excellent so we had high expectations. I'm currently in a food related euphoric high after tasting the best burger of my life. It is greasy goodness at its best!

Friday, 6 February 2015


I love the way these photos turned out. The soft natural lighting was sparse but perfect when captured against the delicacy of this Motel shirt. Thank you Charli, for being such a whizz with the camera.

This shirt is a great wardrobe staple. You can get it here if ya fancy!

Photography by Charli Poster

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


No, this blogpost is not going to be about my undying love for Busted, despite the misleading title (although I'm not ruling this out as a future blogpost. Watch this space.). After what feels like a very short holiday, I'm finally back at Uni.

After coming back from a long break, I like to begin the new term with a fresh and positive attitude and theres nothing that says 'fresh new start' than new additions to your wardrobe. Particularly a new bag that is ACTUALLY big enough to fit your laptop in.

I remember as a kid, the only thing that would motivate me to get back into the flow of school after a long holiday was the prospect of getting a new pair of school shoes. They always had to be patent so they would look shiny and new for the whole term. I was very much a child that was only in it for the uniform. I only showed commitment towards Brownies until I could own the jumper.

How nice would it be to go back to when I could wear my Brownie jumper without anyone suspecting I was a Brownie fraud. In the real world, you can't wear the jumper until you deserve it. This has very much become apparent to me in the last month. My life at the moment consists of being glued to my laptop screen doing either: uni work, applying for placements next year or finding the odd work experience to add to my CV. Adult life has very much hit me right in the face. I literally feel like I should own a pant suit and start saving towards my retirement. Maybe I'll even take up Sudoku?

Amongst the stress and woes of thinking about my future, the potential prospects are very exciting and the struggle I know is going to worth it. With copious cups of coffee and five more seasons of Lost (I was a late bloomer) to watch on hand, how can I be discouraged?