Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I have been browsing through so many blogposts recently, much more so than my average dosage (someone should stop me, really, hold me back) and I have seen that many fashion bloggers new year resolution is to get more up close and personal on their blog. 

The same blog resolution as mine! Huzzah!

I digress. Admittedly, copying Lizzie from Shot From the Streets recent blog post (which I loved) I’m gunna do a blogpost about some perhaps, over exposing facts about me to launch my new year resolution into drive. Cause you know, who wouldn’t want to know all about me!? (don’t answer that). So lets put some personality behind these vanity shots.

  1. I’m going to go with my on stand by fact that has stood me in good stead throughout my school years. You know when you had to introduce yourself to a new class and you sat there thinking ‘shit, I need to say something cool about myself so my new peers wanna be my friend’? Well mine was always: I’m a twin! and always have been. Obviously. I honestly love being a twin. I have had a best friend by my side since day one in the womb (gross concept). 
This be she.

2. My blog is called ‘Bealea’ because my friends have always called me ‘Bea’ and my second name is ‘Leah’. Everyone who has approached me on how to pronounce my blog name, I’m honestly not so sure myself. I would go with ‘Bee Le-ah’.

3. I hardly ever wear socks. Even in winter. Its a disgusting fact that I should be ashamed of as many of my friends have pointed out, but I genuinely have no shame.

4. I have aways made plans for myself since a very young age. I was always determined to go into radio producing since the age of perhaps, 15 and worked hard to get a place at the Leeds University to study Broadcast Journalism. However, in my first year I got into fashion blogging and now I’m working hard towards pursuing my own path for a career in fashion.

5. My most embarrassing moment that has stayed with me throughout my life, was when I was Irish Dancing (yes, I Irish Danced. For 6 years in fact) with my sister for the school talent show in front of the whole school and we both ripped our trousers in unison. My friends, who I have had since primary school, still don't let us forget about it. I think taking up Irish Dancing meant that I set up future embarrassment for myself. 

6. I’m currently drinking tea from a 'Mr. Grumpy’ mug intentionally.

7. I think, on reflection, Seth Rogan is my ideal companion. Be it romantic or purely platonic.

8. I have a hate/ love relationship with my cats. They are called ‘Fatboy’ and ‘Slim’ (the names need no further explanation). Sometimes, on at least one day of the month they will share the love because you are the warmest part of the house. However, 99% of the time they will leave you a surprise shit in the corner of the toilet. It’s always the toilet! I don’t know whether to be really pissed off super impressed. At least they are polite about it.

9. My mum is the best person in the world. Continuing with the Polite Shitting Cats, I will receive texts from my mum whilst at uni reading “Nothing worse than cat shit! Fat boy strikes again x-(“. Moving away from cat feaeces, my mum is also hugely inspirational. At the age of 54 she is in her last year of finishing her degree in Fine Art and she belly dances! Ledge.

10. I was unknowingly for a moment standing next to Harry Styles in the Moma museum in NewYork last month and I have never been so star struck. I don’t even like 1D.

11. I am happiest when I am being productive.

12. I count down the days until I will own a Beagle named Brian.

13. In secondary school, my friends and I (who are still my best friends to this day) were labelled the ‘Vintage Grannies’ because we used to dress head to toe in charity shop finds. Most of which were  granny hand-me- downs so the label was quite accurate. 

14. My favourite song in the whole wide world is ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac. 

15. Rhiannon and I have always been given identical presents on Christmas. We have a ritual of identifying the shape of the present and putting it in the middle if we think its the same. The result of this is that all the presents end up being the same so we open each one at the same time so no surprises are ruined. It’s actually something I love about christmas as its now a tradition. We get the same pjammas every year so we are immune to the fact that we are always walking around the house in identical outfits. I think my mum just can't let go of the old days.

16. I have always stuck my tongue out slightly in the corner of my mouth when I’m concentrating hard on something.

17. I am very specific when it comes to drinking tea and coffee. My teabags have to be: Red label Sainsburys (for the best tea experience ever) and the coffee has to be: Nestle Espresso.

18. I get overly emotional when I’m tried. Poke me when I’m tired and I will ball my eyes out. Apparently I have always been like this since I was a baby.

19. I am in awe and inspired by people who have worked hard for their success.

20. I'm not competitive when it comes to sport, although there is one exception to this: swing ball.

21. I played football since the age of 6 to the age of 12 to please my dad. He didn’t force me too, I just felt bad because my brother was never interested in it and my dad wanted him to be, so I sacrificed my Bratz dolls in replacement for a football.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I think it was more of a revelation on how ‘un-fashion’ I really am.