Tuesday, 6 January 2015


My infinite love for dressing the polar opposite to how a 5ft 3 woman should dress, slowly progresses. There is nothing more appealing to me than a knee grazing top with oversized trousers. Man repelling wear at its finest.

Food for thought: I'm at that stage where I'm seriously downsizing my wardrobe at the moment. I think it's the January/ start of a new year blues where nothing in your wardrobe fits with the way you feel. Perhaps you could say most of my wardrobe is 'so last year' (despite only being 6 days into the new year...). You know when you look at all the clothes in your wardrobe (having a rail helps for this) and all the items you own don't seem to not fit one particular style? That is my wardrobe at the moment, and call me shallow and vain (perhaps a little OCD), but it drives me MAD.

I think getting a wardrobe you are 100% content with comes with age. Trends come and go, however there will pieces from every trend through out your life that you will see as a 'classic' and will be cherished until you can pass it down to your daughter one day. Pieces that have a lot of history I feel are the classics. I already own a few items like these so I feel I'm on my way to achieving this. Lets just hope my future daughter will have the same taste as me....