Tuesday, 23 December 2014


One thing I love about coming home for the holidays is the day trips I take with my mum and sister. As you can tell by most of my blog posts, I'm a big foodie and love finding the best cafes and restaurants a quaint little town can offer. When I found out that a Bill's had just opened in Bury St Edmunds, I was frantically counting down the minutes until the clock hit 12.00pm and it was socially acceptable to go for lunch.

Last time I went to Bill's I had these UH-mazing chocolate cookies and I was telling my sister (who was a Bill's virgin until today) that she hadn't LIVED until she had tried them. Much to my disappointment, I bought the packet version from the shop because they didn't have them on display and they just didn't compare *sad face*. So please, just for me, next time you head into Bill's PLEASE try a chocolate cookie from the counter. It will change your LIFE.

Merry christmas one and all!