Saturday, 27 December 2014


As the onset of the new year is quickly approaching, I have been thinking a lot about what goals I want to achieve for 2015. I have always been a planner- perhaps not an organised one- but I set myself goals. Most of the time I admit these goals are unrealistic and verging on unachievable, but I hope by planning for the New Year will help motivate me to -to put if frankly- get shit done.

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, is where my blog is going. Blogging is something I really enjoy; perhaps a love without sounding too cheesy. No matter how time consuming it can be, I find the thought of being able to shoot, edit and write a blogpost a calming concept after trying to get assessments done for uni. I love the thought of having something that I have built myself and that is my own as well as being able to connect with other bloggers that share a similar passion to myself. Fashion blogging is such a supportive community to be apart of. I never want to stop, I just want to keep on adding to my content. This is not because I have the aim of becoming ‘the most successful fashion blogger ever’ but because I have finally, in my life, found something I genuinely enjoy and feel I can get/ want to get better at.

Throughout my fashion blogging experience (which is not vast- about a year) I have become almost obsessed with following other bloggers. I am continually inspired by what they are wearing and what they are doing. I WISH I could afford the clothes my favourite fashion bloggers have stored in their vast amount of wardrobes they probably have, but in all honesty, I can’t. I’m at the peak of poorness being a full time student *sigh*. Before you are thinking “get the violins out”, hear me out. This isn’t what I’m writing my blogpost on. I’m poor and happy don’t get me wrong, I just hope my fashion blog doesn’t make me come across like I have loads of money and can afford all the nice clothes I want, cause this isn't the case. I don’t want to give any of my readers the impression that I’m always buying new clothes.

I'm continually asked by friends: 'do you feel like you're always having to buy new clothes for your blog?' My answer to this is: no. I don't think fashion blogging is about continuously buying new clothes to update your blog with. When it comes to my blog, I like to have reoccurring garments that I love (and hope that you do too) and show you how I can make them versatile to fit in with differently styled outfits. There is nothing that I love more than investing in one piece that I’m head over heels with and wearing on many occasions, but still showing you how I can make the outfit look different. I’m a huge believer that your wardrobe doesn’t have to be big nor expensive to look like you’re worth a million dollars. I think I have been complimented more times on my charity shop coat worth £12 than any clothing item I have paid more than £50 for. It’s like what my mum says, it’s not about what you wear, its about how you wear it. 

If I could give my blog a tagline, I would probably say it was 'reducing my wardrobe down to the basics and staple pieces'. I’m a sale/ charity shop/ bargain hunting loving girl and always will be. I’m hoping my blog will express this more so in 2015 and still show you new fresh content in every post.

Bring on 2015!