Friday, 14 November 2014


Yesterday I was very kindly invited to Pauls Boutique Christmas Collection launch. The evening consisted of sipping champagne at Searcys champagne bar in Westfield shopping centre, having a sneak peak at the new collection and meeting some great people! 

I use to connect the PB brand with young girls however, it's exciting to watch the brand and collection grow and appeal to both younger and older women. I'm obsessed with the reversible bags that come in neon. If you are a regular visiter of my blog, you'll recognise the pattern of monocrome and neutral colours so I love to add a pop of colour when it comes to my accessories. The suede and leather black boho bag is still imprinted in my brain. I. Must. Have.

On the train to and from London, I was completely immersed in Lena Dunham's, much raved about autobiography 'Not that Kind of Girl'. So immersed, that the ticket lady had to forcefully nudge me to get my attention. There were many times where I forgot that I was on an overpacked train and literally LOL'ed which quickly regained my status and made me look around awkwardly to see if I disturbed anyone's train induced slumber. On the way back from London, I overheard two girls coincidentally review the book to one another whilst I was reading it. From what I heard from my eavesdropping, they concluded it as 'self indulgent' which I couldn't disagree with more. The autobiography is shockingly frank and an unglamourised version of her life. She covers things that a lot of autobiographies I have read are too afraid to cover. After reading Alexa Chungs 'It' (the most self indulgent thing I think I have ever read), it was refreshing to see Lena Dunham write honestly about her upbringing, sex, love and her awkward puberty stage without trying to force this quirky 'cool' status that Alexa did. The two books, I realise, are quite unrelated to one another, but I still to this day will rant about the content of Alexa's book not justifying the price tag. Lena's, ontheotherhand, does. 

Whilst in London for the day, I also had to quickly check out all the Christmas Decorations in Oxford Street. The Liberty's window displays were my favourite!

To finish this mish-mashed blogpost I will say: go check out PB's Christmas Collection and buy (or borrow from a friend, as I did- thanks Libby) Lena Dunham's 'Not That Kind of Girl'. You will regret neither, I assure you.