Tuesday, 28 October 2014


So on my day off from uni I had the mind set that this would be the time where I really sat down and got started on my intense work load I have to do for my course. Instead, I spent the whole day making a shop for my blog.

I have been signed up for Tictail for a while now, wanting to create a shop for my unwanted clothing items in order to earn a bit'a easy cash. So I finally bit the bullet and made one. Some of which feature in my blogposts and if they have, I've added them to the picture gallery so you can see how they fit me!

If by chance, you do want to buy an item and have any questions or if you're feeling risky and want to haggle with a price, please don't hesitate to tweet me at @bryonydodds or just drop me a comment on a post, I'm a friendly gal and I'm always up for a chinwag even if its nothing to do with this post!

More stuff will be added, so if you like what you see, keep your eyes peeled!

Check out my shop here: http://bealea.tictail.com/