Friday, 31 October 2014


I think I should start this post off appropriately by saying.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Perhaps I should have incorporated some the Halloween spirit into my outfit today but instead I opted for what I know best (all I know); neutrals. Needless to say, I will be indulging in all things spooky tonight and going seriously OTT on my costume. Check my Instagram later if you want to know what I am going as!

I have been wearing this coat everyday since I found it in a charity shop last week. I've kept my beady eyes peeled for a camel (well I say camel, its more of a greyish camel. What would you call that colour?) coat for a couple of months now, one of which that would not take a serious pounding on my bank account. So at £12, I can't complain. I actually did a little DIY on it too by removing the inner lining of the sleeves to give it that dressing gown/ coat vibe which I'm oh so digging right now.

This has been appropriately stuck in my head all day. I hope it gets you in the Halloween mood too.