Sunday, 20 April 2014



Waking up this morning after drinking way too much last night was a bit of an eye sore for whoever had the displeasure of laying their eyes on me. I looked rough to say the least (hence why I have no photos of my face up..). Even though I was feeling trag', as it is Easter, I felt I had to make some effort. I thought why not draw some inspiration from my favourite Easter chocolates; mini eggs- to be all festive and what not. Admittedly I only realised the correlation after putting the outfit together and then eating some lots of mini eggs. Theres nothing like breaking away from the usual grey/ black/ white colour palette and adding a splash of colour to your outfit to bring you out of the dark hole of a hangover.

Another god send on days like this is my Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream. I use to be obsessed with this stuff and force my friends to buy it so I could feel like a fairy godmother who has blessed them with a precious gift. That was a little OTT description of it, but it is really good stuff. Its super hydrating to your skin, evens out discolouration well and makes you look lovely and dewy without making you look sweaty.

Hope you had a great Easter!