Sunday, 30 March 2014


I can't believe I'm writing my second post for 'Street Style Scrapbook Sunday'. Where has the week gone!? Anyway, moving on from a cliche way to start a blogpost. The outfit that has grabbed my attention this week comes from my beautiful friend Libby. I caught her on the way to a job interview so she looks all smart and sophist' (which is a regular day-to-day outfit for Lib's). I think since meeting Libby at uni this year, she has non-intentionally swayed me to step outside my grey/ black/ white clothing comfort zone. OH, and patterns. She does colours and patterns oh so very well.

Name: Libby Faulkner

Occupation: Broadcast Journalist student at The University of Leeds// Sales assistant at Coast

Outfit break down: Boots- Topshop// Coat- River Island // Dress- Zara// Blouse- H&M// Tights- Asos// Bag- Zara

What are your favourite shops to shop in?
A favourite shop to shop in would probably be American Apparel as I spend way to much money there. However, it is very expensive. I would find it hard to narrow it down to one favourite shop of all time as I go into a lot of random shops to find different items. Like, I went into Internationale the other day and surprisingly found a lot of nice things! 

Favourite fashion trend?
My favourite fashion trend at the moment is definitely co-ordinates, but I find it's difficult to find nice really ones on the highstreet. I bought a really nice one the other day from Urban Outfitters, but it shrunk in the wash unfortunately. It was devastating at the time as it was so expensive!

Who are your fashion inspirations?
Alexa Chung maybe. I think she wears simple things, but always looks good. I think if you have a nice coat, you can wear any standard outfit and it will make it look better. Actually, as long as you have one stand out piece of clothing -whether it be your shoes or a handbag- it can save a boring outfit. Oh, I also love Suki Waterhouse's style too.

Describe your style?
It changes. Today, it's a bit more sophisticated because I am going to a job interview, but sometimes I would just wear 'Mom' jeans and Dr Martens. It just depends whether I can be bothered to go to Uni or not. If I have a lot of time on my hands I will make the effort with my outfit. So, to sum up I would say sophisticated and sloppy.

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