Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Being a student, I find it hard to keep up with fashion trends due to my bank funds being continually low. I am faced with an ultimatum weekly; food or clothes? Clothes inevitably always seems to win (not that I don't love food, cause I do- thinks about food for a second-). I am forever trying to find deals online of my favourite clothing websites to satisfy my clothe cravings. It is not until 'Famest' contacted me about their new app, my problem was miraculously solved! Famest is a fashion app where you upload pictures of your outfits (which I do all too often) and gain points from the famest community which then turn into vouchers at your favourite online retail stores. Okay, so this may possibly be the best app for fashion lovers on a budget of all time.

If you are familiar with 'Lookbook' (which I am guessing you are), when you upload a photo, the Lookbook community can 'hype' your photo if they like your outfit. With Famest, these likes turn into points. The more points you gain, the more vouchers and discounts you can collect to spend on online retail stores such as Asos and Forever 21 (Errr yes please!!)

Just incase I haven't clarified how simple and easy it is to use Famest, heres a step by step guide on how to get involved in the fun:

1. You download your outfit on or with our free iPhone app (see AppStore)
2. You tag the clothes visible on it
3. You earn points if the Famest community likes your outfit
4. You swap your points for rewards such as visibility on our communication channels or discount vouchers for brands like Asos, Forever 21 or Singer 22.

Click this link to join and get 25 points free! (thats 25 points away from 20% off Asos or Singer 22!)