Saturday, 8 February 2014


Mango Coat/ Zara Knit Crop Top/ Missguided High Waisted Trousers/ Nike Vortex Trainers/ Vintage Leather Ruck Sack/ H&M Scarf

I am currently spending the weekend in Sheffield visiting my sister and a few home friends. I thought I would quickly do an outfit post (sorry for the wang eye shots, Sheffield was unbelievably windy today) and take some pictures of a few things that always catch my eye whilst I'm here. 

1. The first of which is this amazing graffitied wall on the side of the vintage shop 'Bang Bang'. Every time I walk past this, I have to take another photo as it's just so ghad damn cool. How do people have these kinds of talents!? I wouldn't even be annoyed if this was painted on the front of my house.

2. There are many cool vintage shops in Sheffield, however 'Cow' is the one that stands out. All of the items are so wearable so you know you won't have that dreaded feeling of finding the diamond amongst the rough. It takes some serious restraint to not spend a fortune in 'Cow'.

P.S You have to listen to this Destiny Child Remix of 'Jumpin Jumpin'.