Sunday, 2 February 2014


1. id Magazine Subscription 2. Reebok Classic Princess Trainers 3. Alex and Chloe Sweater

It's becoming a rather big ordeal having an insatiable appetite for clothes. While I should be saving for perhaps more important things, online shopping happens. 

1. I have been an on/ off reader of id magazine for a while and have always thought it as being worth the expensive price tag. Unlike a lot of fashion magazines, irrelevant adverts do not take up 90% of the content (this is why I have never been able to finish a copy of Vogue). All of the content is also really readable and original rather than a load of bullshit that has been copied from other magazines. 

2. My on-going obsession with Reebok Classics is still...ongoing..Whilst my friend the other day spotted them out to look like 'the shoes given to people if they have one foot bigger than the other' (which I think she was referring to gout), I think they are so sleek and a great everyday trainer. Ahh don't even get me started on the comfort. Literally like walking on pillows.

3. This Alex and Chloe sweater is an old favourite amongst celebrities and is pretty much sold out now. The hunt is o'wan to track this down. I'm sure they have probably replicated it somewhere by now...