Friday, 28 February 2014


George Ezra has been described as "one of the most compelling and powerful new vocalists around" by Radio 1 royalty, Zane Lowe. This has pretty much launched him into the music industry full force and created a huge following for the talented 20 year old. His mature, husky tones don't seem to match the baby faced blues singer (we find out his secret to his smooth complexion). Coming fifth in BBC's sound of 2014 as well as racking up 160,000 views on Youtube only secures a promising career ahead for George.

I thought I would just give you a quick overview of who George Ezra is for those who have never heard his music before. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview him with my friend Libby, at the Wardrobe in Leeds on Wednesday. I have to say, he was one of the nicest artists I have ever interviewed. There was no arrogance or 'diva'esque' attitude like you get with some artists who have just made it into fame. He was just a really modest, normal guy. This obviously worked in Libby and I's favour as it made the interview so much more comfortable and interesting. We were also lucky enough to get tickets to watch the gig afterwards. Watching George perform just makes me revaluate what I have achieved at the age of 19 (not much). It's seriously hard not to swoon at his gravely tones and beautifully written lyrics.

This is the second part of our interview with George. We found out that George loves a good face mask; has worn make up (without being forced too) and his opinions on Miley Cyrus.

(p.s I apologise for the bad editing. I cut a bit out and couldn't get it back unfortunately!)

George Ezra- Cassy O'