Thursday, 23 January 2014


Look, he even has the 'tense jaw and smouldering eyes' pose down to a 'T'!

I am obsessed with Trussardi's new campaign which features greyhounds to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the logo. Whether you think the campaign is cruel or not, you cannot deny its pretty genius. The campaign was shot by photographer William Wegman, who  was also the one who shot Acne's 2013 spring campaign which featured his own Weimaraner's in Tropical prints. Again, GENIUS! 

These dogs pose in a way which can be compared to the likes of Kate Moss (well perhaps to the untrained eye). It's like they are aware that the camera is on them, as they most definitely are delivering in a way which makes Zoolander proud. I mean, I am no model, however I am human and even I can't live up to the camera in the same way these dogs do! Is it okay to be sickenly jealous on how photogenic these dogs actually are? 

Move over Cara, these greyhounds make you look like the 'bitch'.