Sunday, 12 January 2014


Meet the wonderfully talented LA based band Skin Town. I feel hugely re-enlightened by the fact that they have released more songs than their sound cloud suggests. In fact, they have a WHOLE album full of songs which was released last year, which I fell short of hearing about up until now. When finding out about this news, I was slightly hesitant as I had that feeling that all their best songs were on their sound cloud and that it wasn't really going to get much better than that. However, with squinted eyes and gritted teeth I searched for 'The Room' on Spotify and to my delight, all their songs are fan-bloody-tastic. 

Skin Town have that sexy, electronic vibe to them that I am oh, so digging right now. I would compare Grace Halls vocals to a female version of The Weeknd (listen to '2nite'). So yes, she sure sets the mood right. Its the kind of music that would tempt me to put my head phones in and listen to if I was at club that was playing the same, inevitable playlist of Pitbull on a loop. However, I would never do that, as I would look like a wanker.

The Best Track: Midnight Lover

Worst Track: The Room (Ironic)

ALSO, here is their cover of Craig David's- 7 Days. Peeeerfection.