Friday, 17 January 2014


Vintage Shearling coat/ H&M  Jumper/ Zara Checked Trousers/ Superga Flatforms

Unfortunately, I cannot give credit to myself for this beautiful shearling coat that my sister found in a charity shop a few weeks ago for £5. This coat would be sold in a vintage shop for a good £50+, so my sis did very well to find this *gives evils*. 

Some of the stuff people give away or even THROW away is beyond me. I would keep this coat to pass it onto my children *hint hint Rhiannon* (Ahh, she's a tough cookie, she can look through my crocodile tears). Alas, there is always a silver lining, as now I can take my mums vintage shearling coat back to uni with me that Rhiannon and I always fight over.

And I leave you with this. Completely unrelated to the post, but a great remix of a great song.