Friday, 24 January 2014


Me: Zara Coat/ Zara Top/ H&M Leather Trousers/ Dr Marten Boots
Angharad: Vintage Leather Trousers/ Vans/ H&M Jacket

Today's Activity:
Today my friends and I went to paint some mugs at my godmother's shop 'Pinnikkity' in Ipswich. Painting mugs definitely takes me way back to parties thrown in primary school, although I'm not really sure why because it's actually a really fun thing to do even when you are 19+! I decided to pay homage to the rapper Biggie by painting his face on one side and 'Big Poppa' on the other. Why I painted Biggie? I have no idea. I saw this design on a t-shirt on Forever 21 that I really wanted but restrained myself from buying (even though it was only £12!) as I need to save for when I am back at uni. Annoyingly, the top is now out of stock. I will put it down to fate and that it was 'never meant to be'. However, I will be checking online for when it is back in stock. All in all, I was quite happy with the way my mug turned out.

Looking back at these photos (other than realising how un-photogenic my face is) makes me realise how I have over-worn this Zara coat this Christmas. It is a staple piece in my wardrobe that I keep going back too, which also seems to complete all my outfits. Although I do love this coat, it definitely is asking for a break as it is starting to bobble. I also need a break from brown coats! Oh how I do love thee. All is good though, as I have invested in a mint coloured boyfriend coat which I am awaiting for in the post which should add some life into my dreary coloured wardrobe (which I am not knocking cause dreary colours are my thang').

Taking the attention away from my coat, what I actually wanted to write about is the new top I purchased in the sale from Zara. It is a high necked (I will never be a 'tits out for the lads' kinda girl) sheer, pinstriped top. However, the best part about this top is that I got it for £7.99! Bargain. The Zara sale has been good to me this year.