Friday, 10 January 2014


I have been addicted to charity shopping this past month. I am not too sure why I have been charity shopping as much as I have. Perhaps its because christmas has wasted my bank account to a big fat zero or the fact that January sale shopping has become a little...well, same old. All I know is, there is no better feeling than finding a diamond among the rough in a charity shop. I have recently found that January is definitely the best month to rummage through charity shops as people tend to throw out the old, to make way for the new at Christmas time.

1. Vintage Floral Smock

Admittedly, I bought this floral smock from Ebay, however I thought it still had a rightful place in this post as it is second hand and could easily be found in a charity shop. I do love a good smock.

2. Vintage Topshop Maxi Skirt

This aztec print skirt was such a good find. It is a vintage Topshop skirt which wraps around like a sarong. I bought it in mind for Glastonbury this year, however, I will still wear it in the winter with Dr. Martin chelsea boots. Hipsters will be proud.

3. Brand New Wool Topshop Biker Jacket

I saw this jacket at the back of a charity shop in Woodbridge and ran to it like it was calling my name! It is a Topshop woollen biker jacket with faux leather sleeves. The previous price I think was about £60 (now in the Topshop sale for £47) and I got it for a tenner! Score.

4. Camel Woollen Oversized Coat

I went into town last week wanting an oversized coat for winter and thought this was perfect. It was also £7. Who can argue with that?

5. 80's Vintage Spotty Blouse

This is an 80's peplum (without looking like a TOWIE reject) type blouse. I think I mainly bought this because it was actually my size (which I find rarely happens when looking for blouses in charity shops).

6. Oversized, Mock Carpet Bag

I think this bag is one of my favourite things I have ever bought in a charity shop. It goes everywhere with me. I feel like Mary Poppin's whilst wearing it. I reckon it could fit a lamp and a coat rack in it too..