Sunday, 19 January 2014


My money woes are starting to get to me whilst being a student. Before September, I was working a lot, so I used to be always buying clothes (even when I couldn't really afford it). The worst thing is, the more I can't afford things, the more I see things that I want! I blame myself for endlessly flicking through peoples fashion blogs.

If money was not an issue, I would be grabbing onto these items and never letting go.

1. Reebok Classic's Black Nylon
I have been on an endless hunt for these pair of shoes for a solid 3 months now. Whenever I have been coming close to finding them, there is always an obstacle of destruction heading my way. The basic problem is, is that they do not sell these in the UK in a size 4. They sell them in a size 7 upwards. Men always get the best trainers selection. They do however, sell the slim line ones for women which just do not compare.

2. Rayban Round Sunglasses
I was determined to get these last summer, however, they are damn expensive and I had a lot of expenses to pay for that summer. The mission continues for this summer though.

3. Dr. Martens Arabella Embossed Loafers
I came across these today on the internet and couldn't take my eyes off them. I love feminine design yet masculine sole. The £320 price tag makes it a 'never gunna get it' item for me though.

4. Zara Pastel Blue Mohair Coat
I love Mohair! Its so classy and snuggly. I would love this coat for Spring as I really need to interject some colour into my wardrobe.

5. Kara Black Rucksack
Black rucksack's seem to be my go to bag at the moment. They are so much less fussy than a handbag. I have had my eye on this Kara bag for so long.