Sunday, 19 January 2014


Zara Coat/ EWM Woolen Grey Turtle Neck Jumper/ Vintage Leather Skirt/ 1.Vans Slipons/ Charity Shop Rucksack

I took some outfit photos on my walk along Felixstowe beach with my parents. I had that inevitable 'sunday face' and 'sunday hair' going on which was never going to co-operate well with being photographed (as you can so tell). None the less, I had a rather lovely afternoon in the company of ma' and pa'.

1. I have recently re-owned a pair of checked slip on vans, which take me waaaay back. I remember them being 'the shoe' of year 7 and you were only a classified 'scene kid' if you owned a pair. My friends didn't think I was being serious when I started wearing them again as they have the same memory of all of us in our black skinny jeans, studded belts and checked slip on vans. However, I have come to love them all over again. I wear very simple outfits with simple colours so I think they add a 'business up top, but party on the....feet (?)' kinda vibe. They could be marmite footwear, but I like 'em.