Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Zara Coat/ Zara Scarf/ Topshop Beanie/ Zara Jeans (DIY Ripped)/ Dr Marten Chelsea Boots/ Charity Shop Rucksack/ MAC lipstick in 'Morange'

Today has been one of those days where I have been feeling motivated. Days like these come very rarely to me whilst I'm back from university. I fall back into my same routine of doing as minimum as possible and not changing from my pjays all day (the slacker life is a very appealing lifestyle for me). HOWEVER, today was the day I needed to get shit done (I even went for an early morning jog!).

I really fancied doing a OOTD (annoying label) fashion post today, just to test the water with where I want my blog to go, so on the way back from town my sister and I found a spot in the park where the sun was just setting and the mood was a'riight. Although Rhiannon (my sister) took some convincing that it 'could be fun', I think she enjoyed it more than I did (hence why I look so awkward in the shots). Annoyingly, the pictures came out well whilst I was editing them, but pretty crappy when I uploaded them to blogger. SO annoying.

Heres a song that kept me motivated today. Thanks Hozier.