Friday, 31 January 2014


Sheinside Coat/ Topshop Beanie/ H&M jumper/ Missguided Trousers/ H&M Bag/ Topshop Boots

Being back in Leeds puts such a strain on my bank account. As soon as I go to Trinity shopping centre, I feel I need everything. Last time I was there I picked up these gorgeous Topshop boots, which are the comfiest boots I have ever worn! I really wanted some heeled boots that can be worn from day to night and these fit the bill perfectly. I have had a fair few compliments on wearing them today and told everyone and any one that they should get them because they are just the greatest (it's starting to sound like I am talking about a person rather than a pair of boots..).

I have also recently got my hands on a pastel coloured coat which I have desperately wanted for a long time. This coat comes from the American website which I cannot rave about enough. All their clothes are so well priced and have no added shipping fee to the UK! It's strange to see myself in a bit of colour as I am very much a neutral colours girl (I tend to stick to what I know). I'm diggin' this colour though. 

The pictures turned out a bit shit (not blaming my wonderful photographer Libby, I am blaming my Iphone!), so sorry about that! The weather was terrible today (as you expect from the north) so I had to take the pictures inside.

Song of the day: Alpines- Oasis

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Joey Bada$$ mixtape 'Summer Knights' is all I'm listening to at the moment. Don't let the terrible name fool you (sounds like he picked it when he was a 'baddaman' in year 7), this kid's good.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


This is another blog post which is well over due. I had a few people asking me where I got these polaroid pictures done when I posted them to Instagram, so I thought I would share it with y'all.

I had these polaroids printed via the Firefox website in early September for when I was moving into my Uni accommodation in Leeds, so yeah, fairly a long time ago. On the website you choose your favourite Instagram pictures where you have a choice of getting 15 prints (for £9.99) or 24 (for £15.99) which is the one I went for. With your prints comes a Sharpie pen so you can write on your photos as you wish, which is quite a cute addition. 

These polaroids would have looked so much better on a white wall rather than a murky, shiny yellow which consumes my uni bedroom walls. First world problems and all that.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Windsorsmith 'Slide' Trainers/ Missguided Highwaist Trousers/ Larsson and Jennings watch/ Forever 21 T-Shirt

Another wishful thinking list of things I need  want. I look as if I have an obsession with The Notorious B.I.G at the moment, which I don't, I just really want this top. I will definitely be investing in these high waisted black trouser from Miss Guided however, as I although I have a lot of high waisted things in my wardrobe, the waist falls just bellow the belly button. I hate it when that happens; PUT THE BELLYBUTTON AWAY. I just bought this crimped Zara knitted crop top which these would go perfect with. The Larsson and Jennings watch and Windsormith 'Slide' Trainers on the other hand, will have to be one's for my christmas list.

Friday, 24 January 2014


Me: Zara Coat/ Zara Top/ H&M Leather Trousers/ Dr Marten Boots
Angharad: Vintage Leather Trousers/ Vans/ H&M Jacket

Today's Activity:
Today my friends and I went to paint some mugs at my godmother's shop 'Pinnikkity' in Ipswich. Painting mugs definitely takes me way back to parties thrown in primary school, although I'm not really sure why because it's actually a really fun thing to do even when you are 19+! I decided to pay homage to the rapper Biggie by painting his face on one side and 'Big Poppa' on the other. Why I painted Biggie? I have no idea. I saw this design on a t-shirt on Forever 21 that I really wanted but restrained myself from buying (even though it was only £12!) as I need to save for when I am back at uni. Annoyingly, the top is now out of stock. I will put it down to fate and that it was 'never meant to be'. However, I will be checking online for when it is back in stock. All in all, I was quite happy with the way my mug turned out.

Looking back at these photos (other than realising how un-photogenic my face is) makes me realise how I have over-worn this Zara coat this Christmas. It is a staple piece in my wardrobe that I keep going back too, which also seems to complete all my outfits. Although I do love this coat, it definitely is asking for a break as it is starting to bobble. I also need a break from brown coats! Oh how I do love thee. All is good though, as I have invested in a mint coloured boyfriend coat which I am awaiting for in the post which should add some life into my dreary coloured wardrobe (which I am not knocking cause dreary colours are my thang').

Taking the attention away from my coat, what I actually wanted to write about is the new top I purchased in the sale from Zara. It is a high necked (I will never be a 'tits out for the lads' kinda girl) sheer, pinstriped top. However, the best part about this top is that I got it for £7.99! Bargain. The Zara sale has been good to me this year.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Look, he even has the 'tense jaw and smouldering eyes' pose down to a 'T'!

I am obsessed with Trussardi's new campaign which features greyhounds to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the logo. Whether you think the campaign is cruel or not, you cannot deny its pretty genius. The campaign was shot by photographer William Wegman, who  was also the one who shot Acne's 2013 spring campaign which featured his own Weimaraner's in Tropical prints. Again, GENIUS! 

These dogs pose in a way which can be compared to the likes of Kate Moss (well perhaps to the untrained eye). It's like they are aware that the camera is on them, as they most definitely are delivering in a way which makes Zoolander proud. I mean, I am no model, however I am human and even I can't live up to the camera in the same way these dogs do! Is it okay to be sickenly jealous on how photogenic these dogs actually are? 

Move over Cara, these greyhounds make you look like the 'bitch'.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Sheinside Jumper/ H&M Beanie/ Mango Coat/ Zara (DIY Ripped) Jeans/ Vans Checked Slip on's

I was so happy when I found this much loved Acne jumper dupe on I was even happier when I found it in the sale for £13 with free shipping! Sheinside is a bit of a god send of a website. Although the jumper is huge for my very short self, I kinda like this as it is snug for freezing weather to come this month. The jumper also has a high neck which is a winner for me.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


My money woes are starting to get to me whilst being a student. Before September, I was working a lot, so I used to be always buying clothes (even when I couldn't really afford it). The worst thing is, the more I can't afford things, the more I see things that I want! I blame myself for endlessly flicking through peoples fashion blogs.

If money was not an issue, I would be grabbing onto these items and never letting go.

1. Reebok Classic's Black Nylon
I have been on an endless hunt for these pair of shoes for a solid 3 months now. Whenever I have been coming close to finding them, there is always an obstacle of destruction heading my way. The basic problem is, is that they do not sell these in the UK in a size 4. They sell them in a size 7 upwards. Men always get the best trainers selection. They do however, sell the slim line ones for women which just do not compare.

2. Rayban Round Sunglasses
I was determined to get these last summer, however, they are damn expensive and I had a lot of expenses to pay for that summer. The mission continues for this summer though.

3. Dr. Martens Arabella Embossed Loafers
I came across these today on the internet and couldn't take my eyes off them. I love feminine design yet masculine sole. The £320 price tag makes it a 'never gunna get it' item for me though.

4. Zara Pastel Blue Mohair Coat
I love Mohair! Its so classy and snuggly. I would love this coat for Spring as I really need to interject some colour into my wardrobe.

5. Kara Black Rucksack
Black rucksack's seem to be my go to bag at the moment. They are so much less fussy than a handbag. I have had my eye on this Kara bag for so long.


Zara Coat/ EWM Woolen Grey Turtle Neck Jumper/ Vintage Leather Skirt/ 1.Vans Slipons/ Charity Shop Rucksack

I took some outfit photos on my walk along Felixstowe beach with my parents. I had that inevitable 'sunday face' and 'sunday hair' going on which was never going to co-operate well with being photographed (as you can so tell). None the less, I had a rather lovely afternoon in the company of ma' and pa'.

1. I have recently re-owned a pair of checked slip on vans, which take me waaaay back. I remember them being 'the shoe' of year 7 and you were only a classified 'scene kid' if you owned a pair. My friends didn't think I was being serious when I started wearing them again as they have the same memory of all of us in our black skinny jeans, studded belts and checked slip on vans. However, I have come to love them all over again. I wear very simple outfits with simple colours so I think they add a 'business up top, but party on the....feet (?)' kinda vibe. They could be marmite footwear, but I like 'em.

Friday, 17 January 2014


Vintage Shearling coat/ H&M  Jumper/ Zara Checked Trousers/ Superga Flatforms

Unfortunately, I cannot give credit to myself for this beautiful shearling coat that my sister found in a charity shop a few weeks ago for £5. This coat would be sold in a vintage shop for a good £50+, so my sis did very well to find this *gives evils*. 

Some of the stuff people give away or even THROW away is beyond me. I would keep this coat to pass it onto my children *hint hint Rhiannon* (Ahh, she's a tough cookie, she can look through my crocodile tears). Alas, there is always a silver lining, as now I can take my mums vintage shearling coat back to uni with me that Rhiannon and I always fight over.

And I leave you with this. Completely unrelated to the post, but a great remix of a great song.