Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Starting with the females (cause we do it best)

1. MØ- Pilgrim

2. Laura Welsh- Cold Front

3. Banks- This is What it Feels Like

Now for some testosterone 

4. The Notorious B.I.G- Machine Gun Funk (Woody Remix)

5. George Ezra- Budapest


I, like most other "would love to be Alexa Chung" obsessives, was eagerly anticipating Alexa's biography 'IT' for my birthday. The girl just has everything going for her; style, effortless hair and a nonchalant, sexy husky voice (which makes girls (or just me) want to purposely lose their voice in attempt to sound like her).

At first glance, I thought the biography was going to be about her ironically prodding her (insert recent tweet) 'un-humanly cool' persona that she has been pinned down with by the fashion industry. She does this to a certain extent, however, she kind of goes with it too. Although she is known as the 'IT' girl and "trend setter" of this (little short of a) decade, the book just seems as if she has taken inspiration from any other teenage hipsters tumblr. (Ouch).

To prove this, I typed in 'Hipsters Tumblr' in to google and got these hits. 

(During this process I had to endure listening to The XX "Sunset" on repeat). 

(Some guy commented on this photo asking "why is it hip to take a photo of yourself smoking a cigarette?". I agreed with him, until finding the comment remarking that he is just a "stuffy old man". I can't help to shake this feeling that I am too, a 'stuffy old man', after writing this review.)

These are Alexa's photos. Similar, no?

Alexa has kind of unravelled her 'coolness' by publishing this book. The reason I feel she has been titled the 'cool girl' in the first place is because the UK labelled her as that without her commenting. This book is like her answering to her followers, telling them "you wanted cool, I will give you cool", which has made the whole thing rather...well, uncool. 

The content of the book is rather vague and lacking. I would say about 70% of the book is indie/ vintage/ hipster vanity shots of herself that are "oh so original". It's a little cringe worthy to say the least. Before receiving the book, I would have been the first one to fight off the haters towards Alexa with a stick, however now, I agree with critics such as Jan Moir, who wrote in the Daily Mail that the book was like Alexa had spent 'half an afternoon downloading the entire content of her Iphone directly on to the page'.

The book can be read by anyone in under an hour, therefore the hefty price tag of £16.99 (yes, nearly £17) is a little extensive for the lacking content. 

Save yourself the money and just check out Alexa's Instagram instead. It is basically the book in a nutshell.

P.S Alexa Chung doesn't suck. 'IT' just does.